Your donation can make a real difference and help more people participate in our special projects using the power of horses to make a difference to many lives.

Horses have a unique ability to connect with people and provide a sense of calm and comfort. For individuals struggling with mental health, loneliness, disabilities these sessions can be life-changing.

Donating to Jubilee Beau is not just a way to help others it is also an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on your own life. By supporting our good work you are joining our community, making a difference.

By donating to Jubilee Beau, you are helping to provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals can form meaningful connections with horses and experience the benefits of touch therapy. Your donation can help provide the resources needed to care for the horses and maintain the facilities, as well as train staff and volunteers to provide the best possible care for those in need.

Your generosity can truly change lives

You can take pride in knowing that your contribution is helping to create a brighter future for those who need it most. So why not make a donation today and help support the incredible work of the Jubilee Beau charity? Your generosity can truly change lives.

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