How It AllStarted

Jubilee Beau was set up in memory of a very special pony who was born on the late Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. His mum Abi had come on trial for one of Jo’s children and had just arrived and she found a “surprise foal “ in the field. She bought Abi and Beau - buy one get one free! As he grew up it soon became obvious how special he was, he made friends with anyone human or animal, he loved everyone. He helped several people to have confidence around horses he enjoyed being groomed, stroked and talked to, he never judged anyone he was always happy. Sadly in 2021 he lost his fight with Equine Metabolic Syndrone.

We decided we wanted to make a difference to people’s lives as Beau had. We realised there was a lot of lonely and isolated people out there of any age, especially after the covid pandemic, also lots of people struggling with mental health, PTSD, to just name a few. We set up Jubilee Beau Unicorn Equine Project CIC in 2021 and set about applying for grants to help fund our projects which started in 2022. We all volunteer and give up our free time in our busy lives to help others. We want people to “live, love, laugh and enjoy horses”

The Jubilee Beau Project

A bit about us

We realised in lockdown there was a lot of people out there of any age struggling with mental health, lonliness and isolation due to the covid pandemic and after lockdown they would still be struggling so we set up Jubilee Beau in 2021 which we named in memory of a surprise foal born on the Queen’s diamond Jubilee in 2012 he made friends with anyone human or equine, gave confidence, companionship and lots of love. Jo has Overleigh Equestrian Centre which is not for profit so this was a perfect location to carry out our good work, the horses love people and were used to being fussed and groomed. We set about applying for grants to fund our projects which started in 2022. We all volunteer and give up our free time in our busy lives to help others, we want people to “live, love, laugh and enjoy horses”

Jo Spencer

We have all been involved in horses for years, Hello I am Jo I started riding at a young age and owned and competed many horses. I gained my British Horse Society Assistant instructor qualification then went on and qualified as an intermediate instructor and level 3 assessor I have many years experience of teaching children and adults from all over the world, Pony Club and equine students. I got involved with Jubilee Beau as I have seen how happy horses make people and wanted to make a difference in the community.

Kathryn Davies

Hello and welcome! My name is Kathryn, and I am a Mum to 3 children and 3 dogs!! I first developed a passion for horses at the tender age of 11, and it only grew from there. I was lucky enough to own my first horse at that age too. I enjoyed competing and going on pony camps. When I had my children, I gave up riding but kept up to date with what was happening in the equine world. Then, my daughter became interested in horses and started her equine education alongside me. We bought a horse and furthered our education together. This led me to be involved with Jubilee Beau Project CIC.

Samara Davies

Hi, I'm Samara! As every young girl dreams of growing up, I wanted my very own pony. But my mum and dad kept saying no until one day my mum let slip that she used to have her own pony. The stubborn child I was, I would not take no for an answer, and this hard work paid off. My mum took me for my first riding lesson, and I fell in love! After a while, my mum couldn't resist us having our own horse to share, which advanced my equine knowledge vastly. I then went on to loan another horse, which boosted my confidence. I have since been involved with Jubilee Beau Unicorn Equine Project because I believe horses can bring so much joy and education to people.

Leigh Ann Randell

Leigh Ann has been involved with horses since the age of 6 when she had her first riding lesson and has been riding on and off ever since. Her husband always commented that she only smiled fully when around horses! She currently has four horses at home and has recently undertaken the Intelligent Horsemanship Foundation course, under the direction of Kelly Marks and Sandra Williams, which allows you to communicate and form a natural bond with horses in a positive and non-violent way. Leigh Ann has been interested in providing equine-assisted learning for the last 5 years as she is very aware of how horses can provide a calming and positive experience to people with various needs. She jumped at the chance of being able to support Jubilee Beau in providing a valuable and worthwhile service to the local community, helping all age groups and abilities.

Stuart Randell

I inherited my love affair with horses from my Grandfather Gilbert and started with riding lessons at the age of 7 but stopped as a teenager. I rediscovered the wonder of horses about 15 years ago when my wife got back into riding and horse ownership. During that time, I have completed all the Intelligent Horsemanship courses, and I am currently studying towards exams to become a Recommended Associate for IH. I am also currently studying to be a Trust Technique Practitioner (Large Animal), which uses the power of 'getting present' to calm the animal's mind. We currently have five horses in our lovely herd, and I am particularly fond of the Heavy breeds. Angel is the second Clydesdale I have owned, having lost Sully 2 years ago. They really are a special breed. I am involved as I have seen how the power of horses can help people.

Our Clients Say

The good work

Jo is simply the best at what she does and providing support on the "Loneliness and Isolation Course", has made a huge impact on my life and my over all well-being. Her horses are just amazing and I truly cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me!

Anna SClient

Help with mental health and well-being

Being around the horses has helped my daughter gain confidence, significantly improved her mental health and well being making it possible for her to pursue a career with horses

Jo MClient

Blessed to have somewhere in the community

Helping others with additional needs using the horses makes a difference, the interaction and smiles say it all.

Chris BClient